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RockerHead Dive Stinger

A Headbanging stinger harness rig for paddle tail soft baits and a perfect combo together with our BangerShad! Designed for slow to fast retrieves, the RockerHead Dive Stinger produces a non-repetitive S-shaped swimming action with unpredictable darts to the sides. An action previously unseen in soft plastic swimbaits. The shape of the Action Lip also makes the bait dive during retrieves and keeps the bait down longer, which makes it ideal for deeper fishing. The design allows you to experiment and change the weight attached to the RockerHead, or remove the weight for slow shallow fishing.

The RockerHead Dive Stinger is equipped with a coated stainless wire, BKK 6062 1X SS hooks and a zinc weight by the Action lip.

Size: L / XL
Zinc weight: 1/8 oz / 1/4 oz
Hooks: #1/0+1 / #2/0
Fits: 7-9" / 9.5-11" paddle tail soft baits